Safety Culture Assessment

Increase Organizational Understanding

In this model of safety culture, there are three variables: Safety Management Systems; Safety Related Behaviors; and individual Values and Beliefs about safety.  Safety Management Systems are the manifestation of underlying assumptions about safety that are shared by organizational members.  Safety Related Behaviors are the behavioral norms that are shared by members and that guide individuals in making decisions about actual behaviors.  Both of these variables are considered to be organizational elements of safety culture because they are external to the affective aspects of individual members.  Organizational Safety Climate it the term used to describe the values and beliefs of individuals about safety.  This is considered to be an internal variable because values and beliefs are internalized psychological attributes of individuals.

Efforts to change and improve safety culture within organizations will be initially directed at making changes in the external variables in the model, which include safety management systems and safety related behaviors.  An organizational effort to change safety culture is expected to be focused on these variables because they are easier to manipulate and change than the values and beliefs that constitute the internal variable of the model. 

Our assessment of your organizations safety culture will provide the foundation for analysis and improvement of safety management systems, critical safety behaviors, and the values and and beliefs that your members hold about safety.

Safety Culture Assessment

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