Helping Your Organization Change Safety Culture, Improve Safety Performance, and Reduce Costs


Using well researched solutions to the problem of safety performance, Vulcan Safety Solutions can help your organization forge a better safety culture and improved safety performance, while also increasing your operational performance and reducing costs associated with injuries.  The average cost of a firefighter injury has been estimated at approximately $74,000, which includes direct and indirect costs.  The average firefighter injury rate is approximately 5 percent.  To provide some perspective, a department of 100 averages 5 operational injuries each year at a cost of over $370,000 each year.  The total  cost of injuries in a five year period is $1,850,000.  If injuries could be reduced by 50 percent, this department would save $925,000 in five years.  

The fireground injury and fatality rate for the US fire service has been virtually unchanged for over 20 years.  While the total number of firefighter injuries has dropped, so has the number of fires.  The number of injuries and fatalities occurring for every 100,000 fires has remained at a high level despite the changes that have occured in equipment and procedures intended to reduce injuries and fatalities.  The approach used in other high risk occupations and fire service organizations around the world has been different from the approach used by the US fire service and has been proven to minimize injuries and fatalities while maximizing operational performance.  The difference is that these organizations take a comprehensive approach to managing safety and train personnel how to manage risks rather than take risks.    

The consulting and training services offered by Vulcan Safety Solutions will help your organization learn how to manage safety and health issues using a recognized management system based on the principles of quality management.  We can help you evaluate your current safety management system through a safety culture survey.  We offer a safety management system audit that will provide recommendations that your organization can use to develop a world class safety management system.  We also offer Operational Risk Management training that will provide the knowledge and skills that your firefighters need to make good risk management decisions during incident operations. 

Founded by Dr. William Pessemier after 30 years of experience dealing with safety related issues in the fire service, Vulcan Safety Solutions offers several services to achieve the goal of reducing injuries and preventing fatalities.  Call us to talk about how Vulcan Safety Solution can help our organization.