Increase Organizational Understanding

Safety Culture Assessment

 Assessment of three variables of safety culture: Management Systems, Behavioral Norms, Values and Beliefs

Graphs showing level and strength of safety culture

Recommendations for safety culture improvement


       Reduce Operational Costs

Safety Management Systems

Evaluation of organizational safety management system

Identify areas in need of improvement

Develop safety management improvement plan

       Reduce Injuries and Prevent Fatalities

Operational Risk Management

Initial training in Operational Risk Management Decision Process

Continuing annual refresher training and updates

Web based safety improvement platform


      Safety Information and Resources


Peer reviewed research articles

White papers

Safety related website list


Why “Vulcan”?

Vulcan is the Roman god of fire and the forge.  Changing and improving safety culture in an organization requires hard work and skill, similar to forging tools from raw metal.   



Why is safety important?

Safety performance and operational performance are directly related.  As safety performance improves, so does operational performance.  



Why choose Vulcan Safety Solutions?

Our approach to changing safety culture and improving safety performance is based on research and programs from other high risk organizations that have been proven to work.